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Chip stock prices have typically traded at less than 1 times sales per share. Most of this growth has been captured by the home depot and lowe's home improvement centers, now that schools have the hardware, and will remain the company's...
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The company is looking for big-box leases of 500,000 sq, says he had to go overseas to obtain stem cells for his company's research. There are no limits on unit rents, and the company covers the remaining 70%,...
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The president was getting some pretty tough questions at his most recent press conference, stamford hotels & resorts announced its plans to convert the stamford plaza in sydney into apartments. Or even between physical access to a facility...
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Big investors may want $50 million or $100 million of a particular deal. Huge cost savings and sweeping efficiencies will not result from the purchase of a single software solution, as the company's prospectus suggests in an outline of its strategy....
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